Spurs :  that jingle, jangle, jingle       tilling of the breath - one for the crows   a curse of precursors        
  afar afield recording: 12th September 2005   Dandelion 4661A His Guiding Hand            
  Dandelion 4661B This Love of Old     thus (this's this.....)     dispossessions of breath (8th,19th,21st,22nd,23rd,24th,27th october)        
      clubhouse devils   gojira mon amour            
Isolation(the calfing)   John Peel's 'Sunday Show' 26th April 1970         careening corrine : what nest? what amnesty?.....        
    palimpsestrepeller: savage pencil/un-tamed eraser     radio debris medmenham            
from the heart - may it go to the heart     plimsoulline     rebuke the drifter          
    deep end:11th october 1985 mr fermata's torch'd breath policies                  
the herbaliser : 20th january 2017                      
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